Reasons to Install Aluminium Gates

aluminium-gatesWhen you make the decision to install driveway gates, whether you choose automated or manual, sliding or swinging, it is an excellent idea to consider choosing aluminium gates. Not only are aluminium gates strong but they can look as beautiful as wooden gates without the added maintenance.

Aluminium Gates Amersham

At GateSmart, we can guarantee that aluminium gates require minimal maintenance; a simple wipe down will keep your driveway gates looking as good as new. The benefits of choosing aluminium gates instead of wooden gates are plentiful:

  1. Aluminium does not rot or warp, crack or absorb water
  2. Aluminium does not noticeably expand or contract
  3. Aluminium does not discolour
  4. Aluminium gates are strong but light
  5. Aluminium gates can be coated for added strength
  6. Aluminium is extremely durable and does not corrode

Automated aluminium gates are also more economical due to their lightness, which means less force is required when opening or closing your gates.

Aluminium Driveway Gates Amersham

If you want to know more about installing aluminium gates in Amersham and surrounding areas get in touch with the team at GateSmart today on 01494 578656. One of our advisors will be able to book you in for a no obligation home consultation, which provides us with the opportunity to understand your requirements and assess your driveway gate needs.