Automated Gate Maintenance Amersham

automated gate maintenance amershamIn order to protect the investment you have made or intend to make by installing automated gates, it is vital to have them serviced regularly to ensure they operate safely. At GateSmart we recommend that at a minimum, automated gates should have an annual service; however service plans should be discussed in line with manufacturer’s guidelines and with an understanding of average daily gate usage.

Automated Gates Amersham

The purpose of a service is to identify any issues with your automated system and ascertain whether any equipment needs attention to avoid failure of the automated system. Additionally, as part of the servicing process, GateSmart ensure all safety equipment is working as it should be and complies with gate safety standards.

As part of our installation process we endeavour to arrange a servicing plan with our customers; we also take on clients that have had their gates installed by other engineers. Our service plan recommendations are based on guidelines issued by manufacturers and usage.

Our basic service plan recommends an annual service for gates that are typically operated up to 20 times a day. Our standard service plan recommends two services a year, which is typically valuable for gates that are operated between 20-50 times a day. Our premium service plan recommends 4 services a year, which we typically offer to those with high gate usage of over 50 times a day.

Electric Gate Servicing Amersham

If you are based in Amersham or nearby and looking to protect your investment and ensure your automated gates are well maintained, get in touch with GateSmart on 01494 578656. Of course if you’re between services and feel that your electric gates are not operating as well as they should be contact us and we’ll arrange for an engineer to come out to you and investigate the problem.