Automated Gate Maintenance

Automated gate maintenance gerrards crossA faulty mechanical gate at the primary entrance to your home or business can prove real hassle, limiting entry and exit to and from your property.

Spotting the signs of a defective gate is key to avoiding the inconvenience it can cause your family or business if your gates decide to stop working. At GateSmart, we advise you to get your electric gates looked at if you notice the following:

  • If during operation your gates partially open
  • If, when trying to operate your gates they fail to open

These problems can be resolved quickly and easily to ensure your gates are back to working order in no time. Regular servicing and maintenance can avoid these issues arising in the first place, with GateSmart technicians expertly trained to identify issues before they arise, ensuring you never face the inconvenience of your gates being out of order.

Our team can rectify a wide range of the issues that can affect automatic gates on the spot, resolving issues in a single visit to ensure gates are returned to safe and efficient working order.

Gates should be serviced according to usage, if you are not signed up to a services and maintenance contract, manufacturers offer recommended guidelines which should be adhered to, ensuring costly issues are avoided.

If you are experiencing issues with your automated gates, contact GateSmart on 01494 611 111, we are fully equipped to deal with servicing and maintenance, whether your gates were installed by us or another company.