When Electric Gates Go Slow…

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Electric Gates Buckinghamshire

When gate owners call us with issues of slowness affecting their gates we pay them a visit to conduct a thorough service. Servicing reduces the likelihood of your gates requiring regular repair or replacement parts, which in turn also guarantees the operational safety of your gates and the security of your property – safeguarding the investment you originally made upon installing your gates.

When automated gates are regularly operated there can be many causes that lead them to slow. That is why it is vital to ensure your gates receive a regular service, as directed by the manufacturer’s guidelines. Servicing schedules are often issued upon installation and are based upon your daily usage.

Check out whether your gates are long overdue for a service with our typical servicing schedule below:

  • Annual Service: gates operated up to 20 times a day
  • Bi-Annual Service: gates operated 20-50 times a day
  • Quarterly Service: gates operated 50+ time a day
Automated Gates Buckinghamshire

Having your automated gates serviced as directed can ensure any issues that significantly reduce the speed of your gates are prevented or rectified. A thorough cleaning can often see your slow gates are returned to working to their full potential.

GateSmart, based in Buckinghamshire, are electric gate specialists. We design, produce, install as well as service and maintain electric gates. Our friendly technicians will establish the reason for the reduced speed of your gates and rectify to ensure the safety and security of your gates. For more information about our gate repair services in Buckinghamshire get in touch with us on 01494 578 656.