The Benefits of Automated Gates

electric-automatic-gatesAs the saying goes, ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle’, with automated gates proving an extremely efficient way of protecting and securing that castle from unwanted intruders.

Installing automated gates brings enormous benefits; from securing your home from opportunist burglars to adding style and grandeur.

At GateSmart, we design, install and service automated gates and here we offer reasons why you should consider securing your property with automated gates.

1.       Security

As a homeowner automated gates can bring peace of mind. Their mechanisms make it impossible to force, hence they act as a deterrent to would be intruders. For additional levels of security spikes can be included in the design to make scaling the gates impossible.

2.       Safety

Automated gates and railings around ones home prevents children from wandering off, potentially into the road. They also prevent wild animals entering the grounds of your home, damaging cars or other possessions.

3.       Convenience

With automated gates there’s no need to leave your car to open the gates. Upon leaving or returning home you can operate by remote from your car, saving you from getting rain or wind beaten. You can also allow access to visitors from the comfort of your home.

4.       Resilience

Different types of materials weather in different ways and all gates, no matter the material will require a basic level of maintenance. Metal is a popular choice as they require less maintaining than wooden gates, they are hard-wearing and require less weather proofing. Automated gates are also safe to use in all weather conditions.

5.       Stylish

Automated gates can be designed to suit your preferences, enhancing the appearance of your home, providing a look and feel of grandeur.

6.       Adding Value

Electric gates can increase the valuation of your home; they can also save you money with insurance companies, with a better protected home benefiting from lower premiums.

If you’re looking for automated gates or even metal railings to safeguard your home and are based in the Gerrards Cross area, give us a call today on 01494 611 111, alternatively complete our contact form.