When Automated Gates Go Slow…

Slow gatesAt GateSmart, we often get calls from clients, other owners of automated gates regarding the speed at which their gates open, with reports often being that they are opening very slowly.

When operating automated gates regularly it is vital that gates are serviced frequently, with how often depending on your usage on a daily basis.

Generally manufacturers provide the following advice:

  • For gates operating up to 20 times a day, these should receive an annual service
  • For gates operating between 20-50 times a day, these should receive bi-annual services
  • For gates operating more than 50 times a day, these should receive quarterly services

A thorough service will detect any fundamental reasons for the speed of your gates slowing down; usually however a good clean will have your gates working as they did when they were new.

Electric gates are a significant investment and require frequent preservation and servicing to safeguard that investment and to extend the lifespan of your gates, reducing the likelihood of regular repairs or replacement parts being required.

At GateSmart, we will repair and service all gates, installed by one of our technicians or not. For more information on our gate servicing services in the Great Missenden area, contact us today on 01494 611111.