Automated Gate Safety

Automated Gate Safety High WycombeElectric gates can prove a safety hazard if handled incorrectly; ensuring your gates are well maintained is vital for those operating automated gates on a regular basis. At GateSmart, we like to offer advice on the key elements you should keep an eye on to avoid safety hazards.

Automated Gate Safety High Wycombe

Recommendations for ensuring automated gate safety include:

  • Keep to the recommended maintenance and servicing schedule, employing a company with the relevant qualifications and experience. For more information about servicing automated gates take a look at our Servicing pages.
  • Ensure that anyone operating the gate is aware of how to disable the gate should an emergency situation arise.
  • Conduct safety checks to ensure safety devices are working as necessary.
  • Take note of any changes to the area surrounding your automated gate that might pose a safety hazard.

Electric Gates High Wycombe

At GateSmart, our installation teams adhere to UK and European laws to ensure your safety. Being aware of several ways to prevent accidents when operating your gates will avoid unwanted accidents:

  • Prevent your children from playing near your automated gates
  • Avoid letting children play with the remote control that operates your gates
  • Don’t interfere of block the gate when they are in operation
  • If you are unqualified avoid interfering with your gates automation system
  • If your gates malfunction switch off the power supply

For more ways to ensure you operate your automated gates safely check out the information available on our website’s safety pages.

Automated Gates High Wycombe

For more information regarding automated gate safety or for enquiries about automated gate installation in High Wycombe, get in touch with us here at GateSmart on 01494 611 111. Our expert team have a wealth of experience designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and servicing automated gates in and around the High Wycombe area.