Slugging it out with your Control Board

Slug damageIt’s that time of year, everywhere you turn there are slugs and snails. This Great British weather has a lot to answer for.

The truth is there are more reasons to repel these creatures from visiting your garden than you might think.

At GateSmart, we have continuously been fixing or replacing the control boards of automated gates due to the damage slugs have been causing.

As the owner of automated gates, you must do all you can to avoid slugs causing mayhem to your control board.  There are a number of actions you can take to limit the damage slugs can do to your electric gates:

  1. Cut back vegetation around the box that houses the control board
  2. Lay slug pellets in the area surrounding your control board
  3. Ensure your gates are regularly serviced

Servicing is key to ensuring the smooth running and upkeep of your gates. Regular services will ensure damage is limited, with any issues being resolved before bigger issues can arise.

For more information or to arrange a service for your automated gates get in touch with us at GateSmart on 01494 611 111.