Secure your Home against Intruders

automatic gates ascotAt GateSmart, we focus on installing driveway gates and railings to ensure your home is secure. We specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing manual and automatic driveway gates to secure your home from unwanted intruders. Below we’ve provided some simple steps on how to ensure that your home is safeguarded against unwelcome guests.

  • Ensure your garage, doors and all windows are locked. From time to time double check each of your locks to ensure that it works properly.
  • Avoid hiding spare house keys in the grounds of your property, including any that might reside in your car or garage.
  • Remove and avoid having valuables in plain sight, visible for opportunist burglars to see through windows and doors.
  • Install timers and program your lights to come on at a regular time each day if you are often out when it gets dark.
  • If you are away from your house, avoid checking in/tagging your location on social media alerting people that your home is empty.

All of the above are simple steps you can take to protect your home from unwanted guests. Installing driveway gates is an investment that can deter unwanted guests from gaining access to your property. If you’re looking for increased security to enhance the protection of your home get in touch with GateSmart on 01494 611 111.