Automatic Gates: Secure your Home

There’s no doubt that the installation of automatic gates provides additional security for your home. Choosing a gate can be a minefield; if your decision to install is driven by the desire to make your home more secure then the question is ‘Is there a gate that offers greater security?’

Closed View Gates

Closed view gatesThe obvious gate choice for those wanting to ensure the security of their property is a gate that passers-by cannot see through. Why? Closed view gates are preferable because would-be burglars are unable to see what’s inside for the taking, whether or not anyone is home or if other security measures are in place. Rather than take a chance on a property where these factors are unclear, criminals are far more likely to move on to less protected homes.

Open View Gates

Open view gatesAs obvious as all of this might be, we find that the customers we serve, whether they opt for the closed view gate or not, feel more secure just having gates installed. With many believing that open view gates, which offer visibility into their property would have the added benefit of exposing burglars, should neighbours or passers-by see any suspicious activity through the gate.

Automatic Gates Buckinghamshire

These arguments suggest both types of gate have their merit in protecting homes from being targeted by burglars, which is why we’ve put these considerations forward to anyone considering installing gates to protect their home. We want our customers to be informed and consider their options before they proceed in installing gates to ensure they make the best choice for their home and family.

Whether you believe closed or open view gates to be the best option to protect your home we, at GateSmart, can design, manufacture, install and maintain automatic gates in and around Buckinghamshire to the highest possible standard to help secure your home. Get in touch with us on 01494 578656.