Upgrading to Automatic Gates

automatic gates gerrards crossOn a regular basis we, at GateSmart, are asked by customers whether their existing manual driveway gates can be upgraded to electric gates for added convenience and increased security.

The answer is of course yes! What, you might ask, are the benefits?

The most significant of which include:

  1. Convenient access at the touch of your fingertips. Either via remote, keypad or intercom.
  2. Improved security, as automating your gates makes simply pushing open a driveway gate controlled via remote much more difficult than opening a manual gate.
  3. Some gates can be programmed to shut at a set time, meaning you don’t need to remember to ensure they are closed.

Automatic Driveway Gates

If you aren’t looking to replace your existing manual driveway gates then as we said, it should be possible to upgrade your existing manual gates. Any gate installer worth their salt will simply need to make sure that your gates are made from quality materials that are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the automation equipment.

There are certain considerations that you will need to make and adaptations that could be required to your existing manual gates following the initial consultation you have with the engineer you enlist to carry out the job.

For example: Would you like a sliding gate or a gate that opens outwards?

Driveway Gates Gerrards Cross

At GateSmart, we are gate installation specialists in Gerrards Cross. We offer a thorough service to our clients wanting to upgrade their manual gates to electric gates. We will talk through all necessary considerations, making you aware of the benefits to ensure you choose the right options for your requirements. For more information about upgrading your existing gates to electric gates, get in touch with GateSmart, gate installers in Gerrards Cross, on 01494 611 111 or drop us an email to info@gatesmart.co.uk.