Book your Electric Gate Service this Festive Season

gate servicing marlowWith Christmas around the corner and days away from your work premises or home, spent visiting family and friends can you afford not to have your automated gates serviced? After all many of our customers number one reason for installing electric gates is to ensure their property and the valuables within it are protected and secure from unwanted intruders.

Your gates will be in need of a service if they not had one for a while. All gates should be serviced regularly according to how much you use your gates. Upon installation the company you used should have discussed servicing based on usage, which many manufacturers detail as below:

  • Annual servicing for automated gates operated up to 20 times a day
  • Bi-annual servicing for automated gates operated 20-50 times a day
  • Quarterly servicing for automated gates operated 50+ times a day

At GateSmart, our thorough servicing procedures include the following:

  • Discussion with customer regarding any issues experienced with gates
  • Removal of the motor from foundation box
  • Examination and cleaning of motors and foundation box
  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • Soak away test
  • Oil top up
  • Examination and cleaning of safety devices
  • Examination of control board and hosing
  • Examination of main welds on the gate hinges
  • Lubrication of all external parts
  • Forces measure test
  • Paintwork touch up
  • Report of findings
  • Update service records
  • Quotation for any required work

Give yourself peace of mind at this festive time of year and ensure protection of your home and family by booking a service today online or by calling 01494 611 111.