Electric Gate Installation Considerations

electric gates sunning daleWhen considering the installation of electric driveway gates to secure your property it’s vital to consider various aspects that can cause issues. Driveway gates are a considerable investment, therefore it is definitely worth knowing your stuff before you embark on an installation project. At GateSmart, we regularly receive calls from people who have had gates installed (and not by us , I might add) and are subsequently experiencing operating issues. To avoid encountering installation issues, arm yourself with knowledge, our top tips should help:

  1. Avoid installing electric gates on a sloped driveway. Opening automated gates on an uphill slope will put strain on the motor.
  2. When having a motors installed underground, it is vital to ensure appropriate drainage is available to avoid engulfing the motor in water, which will create significant problems for operating your gates.
  3. If you have enlisted a reputable engineer to install your gates, they should make certain that your selected gate is appropriate for where you have decided to have it installed. It is vital to meet manufacturer specifications when installing gates as dismissing this advice will see your guarantee invalidated.
  4. The main purpose of installing automated gates is for security purposes, therefore avoid relying merely on the self-locking motor and have additional locks to make it tougher to force the gate.
  5. Hiring a professional gate installation engineer to install your automated gates is vital. Any reputable firm will be fully equipped to conduct the efficient risk assessments that are required by law.

For more electric gate installation advice, get in touch with GateSmart on 01494 611 111, we will provide a free, no obligation assessment, detailing your electric gate options to secure and protect your family at home.