Electric Gates Going Slow? Get GateSmart!

electric gates cheshamOver a period of time if electric gates aren’t maintained and serviced regularly dependent on the level of usage, they will start to slow down when you open and close them.

At GateSmart, we advise our customers when we install automated gates that servicing is mandatory to protect your investment, and how often your gates need to be serviced is dependent on usage as defined by the manufacturer of your gates.

We advise customers to consider how many times a day they operate their electric gates. For gates that are opened/closed up to 20 times a day we suggest an annual service. For up to 50 times a day it’s advisable to have automatic gates serviced every 6 months and for gates used over 50 times a day we recommend 4 services a year.

Electric Gates Chesham

Servicing your automatic gates will get to the bottom of any issues you are experiencing that could be responsible for why your gates have decided to go slow. During the service gates will be cleaned, which is usually enough to see the speed of your gates return to normal, however if there were to be any issues we can rectify these issues before any serious damage is done.

Electric gates are a significant investment so it’s worth ensuring they are regularly maintained and serviced to extend the lifetime of your gates. Not only are you safeguarding your investment, you are ensuring the safety of family/friends/colleagues that operate your gates. Regular servicing reduces the likelihood that frequent repairs will be necessary and ensures they are in full working order to secure your home or business.

Automated Gates Chesham

GateSmart repair, maintain and service electric gates in Chesham and surrounding areas, for information about the services we offer get in touch with us on 01494 578656.