Sliding Gates Vs. Swing Gates

electric gates gerrards crossAt GateSmart, we work with all of our customers to ensure we install gates that not only securely safeguard their homes and businesses in and around Gerrards Cross, but also suit their taste and meet their needs. As experts in gate design, manufacture and installation, we like to offer tips and advice to help potential customers make a decision about what they want from their gates. 

Electric Gates Gerrards Cross

Below we take a look at sliding gates and swing gates have to offer allowing your to consider their suitability for the protection of your property. This advice will help you assess which option is likely to be the most suitable for you when deciding on a type of driveway gate to install to protect your property.


Sliding gates are the best option for customers with a sloping or short driveway. Allowing more room for you to park your car and more space for guests to park if you lack space. They also offer a wider entrance through which to drive your car. Additionally, sliding gates are unaffected by wind resistance and offer enhanced security, with it being very difficult to force open sliding gates.


Swing gates are more economical than sliding gates and require a lot less maintenance. This type of gate is favoured for its traditional look and is often preferred as there is less noise when opening and closing swing gates. It’s not advisable to install swinging gates on a sloped driveway as extra pressure is put of the motor.

Driveway Gates Gerrards Cross

GateSmart will happily discuss the best driveway gate options for installation in more detail during your initial consultation after you make your enquiry. Contact us at GateSmart on 01494 578656 for more information or to organise an initial consultation for us to come and assess the entrance to your home and discuss your requirements.