Automate your Gates before Winter

Electric Gates Sunning Hill

As the weather takes a turn for the worse, take time to consider the benefits of automating your driveway gates and if you are currently considering installing gates, seriously think about how the electric kind could really benefit you during the cold, wet winter.

Why have to leave the comfort of your home or car to open driveway gates when guests turn up or you return home from work? Think about it, the rain’s pouring down, you arrive home and instead of getting drenched by the latest torrential downpour you simply press a button and the gates open. Voila!

And… Electric gates are not only convenient on a drab winter day, they also provide additional security for your home. Homes with gates tend to deter opportunistic burglars, particularly on these dark winter nights, after all,  if you’re security conscious enough to have security gates in place, what other deterrents might await them.

At GateSmart, our range of electric gates will prove beneficial not only throughout  winter but all year round. Check out our gallery of designs for inspiration, we can work with you to create bespoke gates or use an existing design to create metal or wooden gates that we can prep ready to sustain the winter elements.

For more information on GateSmart get in touch with us on 01494 611 111 to discuss your needs and organise an appointment to identify the solution that will meet your requirements.