Reasons to Automate your Gates before Winter

electric gates sunninghillIt’s time to consider your driveway gate options… This wet and wild weather is a sign of things to come as summer comes towards an end, with autumn and winter just around the corner. Gate automation of your existing manual driveway gates can make those cold, wet winter mornings much better.

Think about this, it’s pouring with rain and you’re all ready, pristine, for that early morning meeting at work. Outside the weather is bleak, grey skies, pouring with rain and puddles everywhere. With automated gates there’s no need to splash your way down your drive or get out of your car at the end of your driveway to open your gates while getting drenched in the process. With electric gates, at the press of a button your gates will open before your eyes while you remain clean and dry from the comfort of your car.

Electric Gates Sunninghill

Heightening the security of your home is always beneficial to ensure the safety of your family, pets and property. Electric gates not only help to protect your home against intruders they also take away the inconvenience of actually having to open them when guests arrive.

Now, whether you simply need to upgrade your manual gates to be automated or you are thinking of installing driveway gates, GateSmart can help avoid driveway gates dampening your day. Installing automated gates do not only prove beneficial throughout the cold winter months. The automation makes forcing driveway gates near-impossible, preventing unwanted intruders in the form of wild animals or opportunist burglars.

Electric Gates Sunninghill

Book in a consultation with GateSmart now, before the cold, wet weather sets in. One of our fully trained gate installation specialists will come around to your home to assess your driveway gate requirements.

We install metal or wooden gates and offer guidance on ensuring the maintenance and weatherproofing of your driveway gates to ensure they remain in tip top condition whatever the weather. For more information on driveway gate automation, get in touch with us on 01494 578 656.