Avoid Gate Automation Issues

gate automation beaconsfieldAt GateSmart, we are often called out to deal with problems gate owners are experiencing with gates installed by others (DIY gate installers or other companies).

It’s worth detailing the following for those of you looking to install automated gates to secure your property to ensure you avoid an installation disasters:

  1. Avoid installing gates on an uphill driveway; the slope will strain automation.
  2. Motors fitted underground require suitable drainage to ensure flooding issues are avoided.
  3. Professionals should install automated gates to ensure efficient risk assessments are completed.
  4. Engineers should ensure gates are fitted in an appropriate location, to ensure all manufacturers specifications are adhered to and ensuring you guarantee remains valid.
  5. For security reasons don’t rely on only a self locking motor, other locks can mean your gate is more difficult to force open.

For more information about installing automated gates in Beaconsfield, get in touch with GateSmart on 01494 578 656, we offer an upfront consultation to assess your options and requirements to ensure the security and protection of your family and home.