Gate Installation Aylesbury

gate installation aylesburyThe GateSmart team install gates in Aylesbury and surrounding areas. We also service gates; to be clear, gates we have installed and gates that have been installed by other companies. Over the years we have discovered that not all gate installations carried out by others, follow some of the fundamental rules we implement when installing gates. That’s why we thought we would give you some pointers, in case you decide to have a gate installed by one of our competitors, to arm you with the knowledge to question any decisions an alternative installer might make along the way.

Automated Gates Aylesbury

  • The professional installing your gate should ensure the gate is suitable for installation in the chosen location.
  • The gate manufacturer’s recommendations at installation should be followed to the letter to ensure the guarantee remains valid.
  • Avoid having automated gates installed that open uphill on a sloped driveway. This will ultimately put a strain on the automation.
  • Significant issues can arise when a motor is fitted underground without sufficient drainage in place.
  • Always ensure a qualified engineer is installing your automated gates as only they are fully equipped to conduct the risk assessments required by law.
  • If you are installing an automated gate for security purposes consider additional locks rather than relying solely on a self locking motor, as these will make the gate tougher to force open.

Gate Installation Experts Aylesbury

Of course, if you choose GateSmart upfront you can rely on us to consider all these issues on your behalf. At GateSmart we are unique in that we not only install gates, we design, manufacture, maintain and service them also. So get in touch with us, the gate installation experts serving Aylesbury and surrounding areas. You can get in touch with us on 01494 578656.