Electric Driveway Gates Bovingdon

Why install electric gates?

Deciding to install electric gates at the entrance of one’s home or business is often for security and peace of mind; electric gates can be a great deterrent, to keep unwanted visitors, whether burglars, wild animals or door-to-door salesmen from visiting your property.

At GateSmart, we install electric gates in and around Bovingdon. With over 25 years’ experience, we’ve come across a whole host of reasons people have chosen to install electric gates, from wanting their home to have an appearance of grandeur to protecting their pets from running out onto a busy road.

What do GateSmart do?

GateSmart provide a quality gate installation service in Bovingdon and surrounding areas. We create and install wooden or metal gates to accomplish your desired look. At GateSmart we strive to go beyond simply installing your gates; we offer a free home consultation to assess your requirements and options, as well as working with you to design and create gates that meet your requirements before installation, which we guarantee will comply with UK and European safety regulations.

Additionally, we offer servicing and maintenance, as directed by manufacturers guidelines and based on usage. When we complete an installation we offer guidelines about how frequently you should maintain and service your gates to protect your investment. We also welcome gate owners that have had gates installed elsewhere to call us for their servicing and maintenance needs.

Electric Gates Bovingdon

If you live in or around Bovingdon and are looking to install electric gates get in touch with us on 01494 578 656. A member of our team will book you in for a no obligation consultation to assess your driveway and ensure we understand your requirements.

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