Gate Servicing

At GateSmart, we advise that regular automated gate services are conducted. There are various guidelines regarding how regularly electric gates should be serviced based on usage; any experienced installation company should ensure a service contract is offered and also provide an estimation of the usage of your gates.

In general, manufacturers will recommend the following service guidelines based on usage:

Service Guidelines

  • Homeowners should be asked whether they have experienced any problems with their gates
  • Motors should be removed from the foundation boxes
  • Motors and foundation boxes should be examined and cleaned
  • All moving parts should be lubricated with waterproof grease
  • A soak away test should be conducted
  • Oil should be topped up if required
  • Safety devices should be checked and cleaned
  • Control board and hosing should be checked
  • Main welds on the hinges of the gate should be checked
  • All external parts should be lubricated
  • A forces measure test should be conducted
  • Paintwork should be touched up if colour is stranded
  • Provide a report with all findings to the owners
  • Ensure all service records are updated
  • Provide a quotation for any required work if requested

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