Gate Servicing Great Missenden

gate servicing great missendenChoosing to install electric gates means remembering to ensure they are serviced regularly, the frequency at which your gates are serviced will be dependent on how often your driveway gates are used on a daily basis.

Pay attention to the manufacturers recommendations, these generally state:

  • If gates are used up to 20 times a day, manufacturers typically recommend an annual service;
  • If gates are used between 20-50 times a day, manufacturers will typically recommend 2 services per year;
  • If gates are used over 50 times a year, manufacturers will typically recommend 4 services per year.

Electric gates are often installed for security purposes at a considerable investment, following a recommended maintenance and servicing plan you will be able to extend the life cycle of your gates and help reduce repairs or replacement parts.

Components of automated gates can go wrong or break at any time, but due care and attention to lengthen the life of the mechanical parts will require:

  •        Frequent cleaning
  •        Greasing and lubrication
  •        Alignment

All manufacturers, including GateSmart will recommend you prevent the unqualified looking at your gates. The mechanisms of electric gates are complicated and it can prove hazardous when mechanics are tampered with by the untrained. Qualified engineers will service, maintain and repair your gates with expertise and skills they have acquired through years of training.

At GateSmart, we repair, maintain and service all gates, regardless of whether they have been installed by us. For further information on our gate servicing services in the Great Missenden area get in touch with us on 01494 578656.