Electric Gate Safety: Book a Service with GateSmart

gate servicing sunning hillAt GateSmart, we regularly focus on automated gate safety, because it is important for those operating electric gates to understand the potential dangers they pose. 

Electric Gate Servicing Sunning Hill

As fully qualified gate installation specialists, we offer servicing to new clients with existing gates that weren’t installed by one of our technicians, that require safety checks or recommended maintenance.

If you have safety concerns about your gates, our qualified technicians will undertake a full assessment to establish whether the safety of your automated gates is compliant with installation standards.

A member of our team will conduct an assessment by visiting your property and fully service your gates to establish through stringent testing how safe your gates are to operate. We will follow up by providing a report outlining any areas for concern and maintenance required.

As with any mechanical machine, automated gates can pose a significant safety risk if gates do not receive the appropriate care and maintenance. Ensuring a regular service schedule is upheld can ensure peace of mind by deeming your gates safe.

Automated Gates Sunning Hill

Get in touch with GateSmart on 01494 611 111 for more information about gate safety, or to book a service for your electric gates.