Marlow Electric Metal & Wooden Gates

GateSmart provide electric driveway gates to your requirements in Marlow. If you are debating metal gates or wooden gates, we can advise and ensure we meet your preferences and budget.

The installation of driveway gates increases the security of your home. GateSmart offer an efficient service, designing and installing driveway gates that offer increased security and also enhances the appearance and value of your property. Convenient and easy to use with a remote control, automated electric driveway gates even offer savings on your home insurance.

Metal gates and railings offer added security, with wooden gates offering a more natural look. Wrought iron gates are popular with most customers, due to the strong, durability of the material. If however wooden gates are preferred, treatments can be applied to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

GateSmart also conducts an electric driveway gate servicing service, to check the maintenance of mechanical parts. It is our recommendation that automated electric driveway gates are serviced at least annually, for more information on our servicing guidelines contact us.

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