Winter-proof Your Metal Gates

metal gates amershamSummer has gone and before long colder weather will set in. Colder weather, that threatens to damage the appearance of your metal gates. That is why GateSmart have the following tips to advise you on how to protect your metal gates before wintery conditions such as frost or snow set in.

Metal Driveway Gates Amersham

There are a number of ways to prevent weather conditions from corroding your metal gates; your options include paint them or galvanise them or powder coat them to maintain the pristine appearance of your gates. If you have metal gates installed and live by the sea or by roads that are frequently salted during winter months, there is an increased chance your metal gates will sustain corrosion. It is highly recommended, particularly in these instances, that you use one of the following methods to protect your gates from wintry conditions.

  • You can paint your metal gates to hide imperfections and rust, but over time paint typically peels away. If you choose this method of protection for your gates it’s important to pay regular attention to your gates to ensure the maintenance and upkeep protects them from the elements.


  • Gates can be galvanised, a method that provides long term protection, reducing the need for continual gate maintenance. Coating your gates with molten zinc, enhances them with a non-corrosive layer of protection that will last for approximately 25 years. The process of galvanisation provides your gates with a silver finish.


  • If you’d prefer a different finish to that which galvanisation offers, powder coating your gates provides the potential to change the colour of your gates. Powder coating takes place in a factory and involves baking dry powder onto the galvanised surface of your gate. This provides the added benefit of creating an extra layer of protection and means there is no need to regularly repaint your gates.
Metal Gates Amersham

For additional information on maintaining and protecting your metal gates in Amersham and surrounding areas, contact the team at GateSmart on 01494 578 656.