Protect your Home with Metal Railings

railings23This New Year consider what really matters to you – be it your family, your business, your home – how securely are your worldly treasures protected?

At GateSmart, we design, manufacture and install metal railings because they look great, adding grandeur to your property but primarily because they protect and secure your family, your business or your home.

These aren’t the only reasons for installing metal railings though, take a look at the GateSmart reasons for increasing your home or business security.

1.       A Deterrent

Homes with increased protection are less likely to be targeted by opportunist burglars, they tend to seek out properties that are easy to steal from, the homes or businesses where there’s an inviting entrance such as an open window or door. Burglars are unlikely to want to trigger an alarm, therefore if they see increased protection it’s highly likely they will decide breaking into your home is not worth the hassle.

2.       A Defense

If point one fails and burglars aren’t deterred by your metal railings they will certainly find it more difficult to penetrate the barrier of metal railings surrounding your home or business. If they do manage to make it over your metal railings it will be almost impossible to make off with a bag of valuable swag when they have to scale a metal fence in order to escape your property and getting caught

3.       Increased Protection

For houses that are located close to main roads railings can protect not only your children but your house too. With metal railings installed, if a car loses control it will hit the railings and prevent your home from being hit, additionally children will be unable to run out into the road if your property is completely surrounded with metal railings.

So, if you’re considering increasing the security of your home or business this New Year, give us a call on 01494 611 111.