Why have electric gates

There are many reasons for someone to want a gate at the entrance of their house. You will have your reasons for looking for an Approved Installer to fit your gates but here are some advantages you might not have thought about…




A gate moves the first line of defence out to the perimeter of your property. This then means that the garden becomes your private property, free from opportunistic prowlers.

The driveway and the cars parked upon it are much safer and less likely to suffer from vandalism or car crime. Your garage and outbuildings, containing tools and garden machinery, are much more secure behind a set of gates.

Electric gates can further increase the security of your home. Irreversibly geared motors and electric locks help prevent intrusions. An intercom system allows you to communicate with visitors at the gateway rather than the front door.




The effects of a stylish gate entrance as a very positive effect on the value of the property and it’s often the case that it was the gate or electric gate installation that “sold us” on our new home.

In some cases, people use their gateway as a major selling point in the sale of their home and once they have moved to a new property, they waste no time in having another new set of gates installed, often electric gates. The installation of an electrically automated or manual gateway almost guarantees the quick sale of a quality residential property.




Feel comfortable and safe behind your gates. You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your home and your family are safe and secure.

Many busy parents are greatly relieved to know that, once they have had their gates fitted, their children are kept safely behind closed gates when playing in the garden and away from the traffic on busy roads and lanes; a mere second of forgetfulness could result in tragic accidents or fatalities. When your children are safely behind gates, they are also protected from the attentions of casual passers-by who may not be as innocent as they appear.

Many people have installed their gates to prevent their pets, particularly dogs, from escaping onto the road. People have also bought gates to prevent other drivers using their open driveway gate as a turning circle.





A large number of people have purchased electric gates for the time saving convenience of opening and closing their gateway by remote control. This is not only much easier than manually closing heavy gates but extremely useful in all weathers. It is very comforting to see your electric driveway gates open in the headlights on a dark and stormy night and even more reassuring to see them close automatically behind you, in the rear-view mirror, when you arrive at the safe haven of your home.





A well-maintained property with an attractive closed gateway is a credit to the neighborhood.

We often find when one household takes the step to smarten up their frontage with a gateway, that this has the effect of spurring on others within the locality to look at their property’s appearance and to go ahead and design an individual entrance to compliment their home. The result of your gate often becomes the talk of the golf club, the aerobics class and even the pub; people are envied for their forward thinking in having automatic gates fitted at their home.