Why have your gate automation serviced?

Why have your gate automation serviced?


Automated gates (Electric gates) can be a great investment for your home. The lifespan of your electric gate can reach up to 20 years or more, if well maintained. As with all machinery, regular servicing is advised to keep the automation in the best condition.

But there are also several other important reasons for regular maintenance.

Reliability and costly repairs

Having your electric gates serviced will allow us to assess any damage or wear and tear before it becomes a problem.

In addition to checking the moving parts, welds on the gates and frames, batteries may need changing in safety edges, photocells, and transmitters. The gates themselves should be given attention during your service.  Your gates must be running freely and the hinges must be greased regularly.To ensure that you get the full lifespan from your electric gate equipment, servicing will involve clearing of debris, greasing any moving parts, ensuring toothed racking is in good condition and clearing out of underground boxes.


One of the main reasons to regularly maintain your gates is safety. When your gates are serviced, the gate engineer will test all of the gates safety features to ensure that they are working correctly. Liability in the event of an accident involving electric gates, lies initially with the person who installed the equipment. But the homeowner will still be liable if they have not been seen to have taken adequate steps to ensure the safe operation and ongoing maintenance of the gates.



As you have put a reasonable amount of time, consideration and money into your electric gates. you want them to keep looking as good as new, For as long as possible. We can pressure wash your gates, and give them a general clean.


How often should the gates be serviced?


The answer to this depends on several factors. As a general rule, systems that open


-1 to 20 times per day need to be serviced ones per year


-20 to 50 times per day should be serviced twice per year


-Over 50 times per year should be serviced ever quarter