Wooden Gates Ascot – Choosing the Right Timber

woode gates ascotIf you’re thinking of installing wooden driveway gates in Ascot, you’ve come to the right place. At GateSmart, we offer excellent customer service to ensure our customers receive the care and advice they need when planning to install driveway gates.

Wooden Driveway Gates Ascot

There are a number of decisions to make before proceeding with the installation of driveway gates. The first being – do you want metal or wooden gates? If you’ve decided on wooden gates then before choosing the timber you would like your wooden gates to be made from, GateSmart are here to help you take a few things into consideration.

Consider the finish you want. Do you want to paint them? Or stain them? Or perhaps leave them to weather naturally?

Before you consider leaving your gates unprotected against the elements, bear in mind that this can cause sun damage and lead to the timber splitting.

Softwood Gates Ascot

Gates made from softwood are more economical but often less durable than hardwood gates. Containing more knots than hardwood, softwood gates are often less aesthetically pleasing than their hardwood counterparts regardless of the finish you opt for. Of course, if you are prepared to look after and maintain your gates accordingly then softwood gates should maintain their appearance for many years to come.

Hardwood Gates Ascot

Hardwoods tend to offer extended durability for driveway gates as well as offering a look that is much more aesthetically pleasing in appearance than that of softwood gates.

The decision is yours; if you would like further information on wooden driveway gates before finalising your decision contact us at GateSmart – gate installation experts Ascot.

Driveway Gates Ascot

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