Maintaining your Timber Gates

wooden gates beaconsfieldHow can you Preserve your Wooden Gates?

Wooden gates are exposed to the elements and therefore taking consistent care of your wooden gates is vital if you want to keep them looking as good as the day they were installed. The process is simple as long as you routinely carry out maintenance checks on your gates.

Inspecting your Wooden Gates

The things to look out for when you conduct maintenance checks are:

  • Exposed wood
  • Splits / cracks in wood
  • Cracked / faded paintwork or finish
  • Loose nails/screws

Advice for Maintaining Wooden Gates

  • Clean and wipe your gates down on a regular basis.
  • Clear away debris, such as leaves that can collect at the base of your gates and stick to the wood leaving marks if left for too long.
  • Wooden gates are vulnerable to weather conditions, while treating and staining wooden gates will protect them, at GateSmart, we do recommend that you re-stain your gates annually to protect them from moisture damage.
  • Different types of wood have different cleaning and maintenance requirements, you should always ask the advice of the professionals installing your gates what the best way of maintaining your wooden gates is.

Wooden Gates Beaconsfield

It is true that wooden gates often require more maintenance than metal gates, which is largely due to the effects of the elements as well as regular usage. At GateSmart however, we ensure the materials we use are of the highest quality and offer advice on maintenance as well as regular servicing and maintenance packages to ensure you can prolong the life span of your wooden gates and protect your investment.

For more information about wooden gate installation and gate maintenance packages get in touch with us at GateSmart on 01494 578656.